Collection: Serpents Candle Collection

This collection has in it our long-awaited green and silver serpent candle and wax melt scents. These are also available in our Debt of Time Collection!

Draco -- This is just...amazing. If you've ever smelled the Diesel 'Only the Brave' cologne [which Rin owns and loves], this candle is similar to that...Woodsy, leather, a bit of spice, vetiver, and patchouli notes make this one to remember.

Narcissa -- Fresh rain on damp earth, bamboo, green notes, and juniper. Think a drizzly, damp forest in cold weather. [Similar to the weather when we meet Cissa in the sixth movie!]

Potions Master -- Deep, dark merlot wine, absinthe, black cherry, cassis, blackberry, and spice. Think of this one as a shifting, changing potions classroom. It evolves as it melts, and is a delightful experience!

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