Potions Master
Potions Master
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Potions Master

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Scent Notes: Deep, dark merlot wine, absinthe, black cherry, cassis, blackberry, and spice. Think of this one as a shifting, changing potions classroom. It evolves as it melts, and is a delightful experience!

"Of course," came a bitter voice from behind her.

Mia turned and peered at Severus Snape, who had his arms folded over his chest whilst he glowered at the Gryffindor table. "There's nothing wrong with Gryffindor."

Snape scowled at her. "Says another future little lion."

"My mum was a Slytherin," she said with a shrug. "Just because it's tradition that they sort us into separate houses doesn't mean that it's correct. They try to divide us this way because it's tradition, but we all mingle in the world once we leave Hogwarts. You can still be friends with her, you know."

"No idea what you're talking about," Snape said with glaring eyes that focused on the Gryffindor table where Lily sat, purposely ignoring the ruckus that James and Sirius were causing beside her.

Mia shrugged. "If you say so."


Tips for getting the most out of your candle:

  • Allow it to burn for at least a few hours the first time you light it. This creates a large enough melt pool to ensure your new candle burns evenly. 
  • Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" at all times
  • Keep your eyes on it. Never put your candle near anything that could catch on fire. 
  • Burn your candle in a safe, sturdy spot that's free from drafts, somewhere it can't be knocked over by anyone or anything. 

The Finer Details:

    • Starcrossed Sundries candles are handmade and hand poured by us. Variations in color are completely normal, and to be expected. Enjoy their uniqueness! 

    • Frosting and spotting may occur due to temperature changes while your candle is in transit. Unfortunately, since we can't control the weather, we're not able to replace candles that have frosting or spotting. You can read more about our various jar sizes, candle burn times, and more in our FAQ.

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Brianne H.
United States United States
Portions master

One of my favorite scents! Mix or feminine and masculine without being too fruity or sweet!

Tiffany S.
United States United States
Hubby liked it too.

I'm in love! Literally have this in my warmer right now. First time I burned it my hubby walked into the room and made mention of the scent, I was shocked (he normally just ignores the burner is even on)!