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Scent Sampler Pack

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These small sample squares are made out of our regular wax that goes into our larger candles, using the same fragrance blends. This is a great way to test if you'll like a scent before committing to a larger candle!

The throw won't be as much as a wax melt, but they'll be enough to give you an idea of if you'd like a scent in a larger candle.

Each specific variant contains one square of the following scents: 

Debt of Time Sampler Pack: Charlus, Lily, Remus, Dorea, The Motorbike (Sirius), Jamie, Mia, You're the Song, Strawberry Ice Cream, Can You Swim, Room of Requirement

Dot + Bring me the Stars: Our Debt of Time Scents, plus Astral Projection and Read the Leaves

Autumn 2020 Scents:
2 squares each of  Autumn Bonfire, Pomegranate Cider, The Orchards, and Pumpkin Spice

Winter 2020 Scents: One square each of gingerbread, holiday hearth, winter snow, sugar cookies, and spruce and firewood

DoT + Bring me the Stars + Autumn 2020:  Our Debt of Time Scents, plus Astral Projection and Read the Leaves, and our Autumn scents: The Orchards, Autumn Bonfire, Pumpkin Spice, and Pomegranate Cider

'We'll take the lot!!' DoT + Bring me the Stars + Autumn 2020 + Winter 2020:  Samples of our Debt of Time Scents, plus the Bring Me the Stars Collection, the Autumn 2020 Collection, and the Winter 2020 collection

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Felicia G.
United States United States
Truly addictive.

I heard about Starcrossed Sundries on the Firewhisky and Honey podcast, and I was reluctant to buy a candle because of the price, and I usually don’t buy candles, and most of my candles were gifted to me. (they are a luxury that I did not believe I deserved.) Though, I can tell you these candles are well worth the price. I finally relented and bought a candle because my therapist suggested that a candle or two would aid in my meditation. I looked at and smelled hundreds of candles, but I figured if I was going to buy a candle, I wanted it to mean something. I had never bought or smelled a product from Starcrossed Sundries, but I chose them because they are a LGBT small business, that makes natural soy candles. LGBT companies hold a special place in my heart and I wanted to offer any support that I can. They also offer wood wicks, which admits a small relaxing popping sound. Haha, now to review the actual products I purchased. I started with the Orchards wood wick candle and the DoT samples melting wax pack. The orchards candle releases a calming aura throughout my house, not to mention it smells fantastic. The candle has lasted weeks. I do not burn the candle constantly but for a few hours everyday, but I have only a burned about a 36th of the candle, since it arrived in the mail. Even after I have snuffed the candle out the scents permeate the house for hours. Overall, I give this candle 5 stars for scent, beauty, and longevity. Next I ordered the Motorbike, Remus, and Jamie. I was not disappointed when they arrived. The motorbike is by far my favorite candle that I have ever purchased and smelled. I was not able to utilize my max welts as I intended because my dog ate them. I was understandably a little heartbroken and I expressed this to their Facebook group. Rin was quick to show their sympathies and assured me they could make me new waxes. In fact they have shown great communication skills through the entire process. They let me know that my candles were on their way, let me know how much they appreciate my purchases and made me feel like a cherished customer (even if I was a one time customer) , showing amazing customer service. I would 10/10 recommend this candle company to others. I wish I could do more.

Alyssa R.
United States United States
I got to try everything

I can never make up my mind so getting to try so many scents was wonderful and honestly, all of them were amazing.

Malorie B.
United States United States

I have enjoyed these melts immensely! The sampler kit was amazing as a first purchase - it allowed me to try many scents to find my favorites.

Christina C.
United States United States
Smells are incredible

I'll admit I was a little cautious of the scents having so many different aspects, but the balance is perfect. I can smell exactly what was meant to be smelled, and even the small samples last forever. Whether you've read Debt of Time or not, buy these!

Christi C.
United States United States
So much variety!!

I love these so much! Each scent is so unique, from the soft clean smell of Charlus to the vibrant fruity smell of Blackberry Lemonade. I'm really glad I bought this sampler, and I can't wait to get some more of my favorite smells.