Collection: Not-So-Secret Menu

Here's where we have our off-the-menu wax melts. This is where the fun stuff happens! We've got a pretty large fragrance oil collection, and we're excited to bring you some of our fun new things we're trying out! 

Here's the rules for ordering off of the secret menu:

1. Secret menu scents release alongside our quarterly drops, unless otherwise noted online. [Check our Facebook group and Facebook page, you never know what might pop up!]

2. What's in the collection varies as we're trying out new fragrance blends!

3. Kindness matters. We are offering these alongside our standard collections for your enjoyment. Please keep that in mind.

4. While a scent blend may not be to your liking, keep in mind that we are creatives and are often trying new things out to see if they may become a permanent part of our lineup! If you don't like something, please re-gift it to someone who will, rather than leave a negative comment! 

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  • Hot Apple Pie with Bourbon Glaze
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