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Scent Notes: Apples, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, and fresh cut grass

This candle scent is based on the sometimes frustrating, ever-loving, amazing brother in ShayaLonnie's amazing fanfiction, The Debt of Time---James Potter. 

"I'd always wanted a little girl," Dorea admitted with a gleam in her eye, and Hermione could not help but be overwhelmed by their instant acceptance of her.

James scoffed. "Thanks, Mum."

Charlus smirked at the boy. "Eat your breakfast, son."

"Albus left some parchments for us to sign and send to the Records Division at the Ministry in order to officially make you Hermione Potter," Dorea explained as she sipped at her morning tea.

"Mia," James blurted out, after swallowing a mouthful of porridge.

"What's that?" Charlus looked up from his morning paper.

"Her name's Mia."

"I hate nicknames," Hermione repeated, narrowing her eyes at James.

Dorea beamed at the two children. "I think it's cute. Mia is a lovely name," she said to Hermione.

"If you'd like, we will still call you Hermione," Charlus assured her.

"I'm not going to." James shrugged as he placed half the dish of sausages onto his plate. "She's Mia now."

"Fine." Hermione teasingly glared at him. ". . . Jamie."

Tips for getting the most out of your candle:

  • Allow it to burn for at least a few hours the first time you light it. This creates a large enough melt pool to ensure your new candle burns evenly. 
  • Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" at all times
  • Keep your eyes on it. Never put your candle near anything that could catch on fire. 
  • Burn your candle in a safe, sturdy spot that's free from drafts, somewhere it can't be knocked over by anyone or anything. 

The Finer Details:

    • Suncrossed Sundries candles are handmade and hand poured by us. Variations in color are completely normal, and to be expected. Enjoy their uniqueness! 

    • Frosting and spotting may occur due to temperature changes while your candle is in transit. Unfortunately, since we can't control the weather, we're not able to replace candles that have frosting or spotting. You can read more about our various jar sizes, candle burn times, and more in our FAQ.
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Caitlin C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
A Review from my son

I adore the fragrance, but my 7 year old son would like his review to be left for this beautiful product: It smells really nice, like mashed potatoes and apples and happy. It feels even nicer to touch it when it’s not so hot. When it’s soft, you should tell your customers that it’s really nice to touch it and then flat it down again. Mummy says I shouldn’t touch it, but it’s too nice and so I have to.” Reuben, aged 7.

Sophia S.
United States United States
Perfect fall candle!

I am in LOVE with this candle! The smell is crisp & clean and it permeates the house. I love this one when I'm curled up under my weighted blanket on my bed reading a book >3

Felicia G.
United States United States
Jamie! where did mom's ring go? Did you propose to Lily again?

Love this candle when I am studying.

Rachael R.
United States United States
Love this candle!

This candle smells wonderful. It reminds me of fall. It is good quality and burns evenly. I will order again!

United States United States
Apple Orchard

This smells like the apple orchards I imagined while reading Debt of Time. It just reminds me of Jamie so well. It has a very sweet, but robust scent. It’s not an overly sweet apple pie scent… It’s more of an apple bark. The subtle sweetness, with a hint of earth. I really enjoy this one!